Very easy to grow, lamb's lettuce is a salad that can be added to many menus. It requires little space to grow and you can easily plant it in your garden. However, to ensure good growth and a successful harvest, you need to provide it with various conditions. We give you all the details here.

When to sow lamb's lettuce?

When sowing lamb's lettuce in your vegetable garden, you can choose between two groups of varieties: early lamb's lettuce (it grows towards the end of summer) and hardy lamb's lettuce (it can withstand the winter frost). But no matter which variety you choose, you must pay attention to the conditions in which it can be grown. Remember that lamb's lettuce prefers humusy, fresh, healthy, clayey soil with a lead surface. It also grows well in light soil and in the shade. On the other hand, lamb's lettuce does not tolerate excess heat and humidity. However, at the beginning of its growth, it can still endure extreme cold.

How to sow lambs lettuce in th

As for the timing of the cultivation of lamb's lettuce, you can start sowing it between the end of July and the end of August, and harvest it about 60 days later. You can also do a second wave of cultivation in September and October, and harvest 3 to 5 months later, starting in the winter. If you wish, you can collect your own seeds from a few plants sown in September, for a new growing season. Just let it bloom and once small plumes appear, they are ready to be harvested.

How to sow lamb's lettuce?

To sow lamb's lettuce, you have two options: sow it in trays or sow it directly in the field. I choose the second option, which is perfectly suited to this type of crop. Remember: you must prepare the soil in the vegetable garden before sowing. The soil must be loosened and compacted on the surface. However, there is no need to plough the growing area. Aerate the soil with a rake and then refine it with a rake is sufficient. This is what your soil should look like before sowing.

How to sow lambs lettuce in th

In a second step, here are the steps to follow to sow lamb's lettuce:

  • Make furrows 20 to 25 cm apart and about 2 cm deep;
  • Sow the small lamb's lettuce seeds along the lines;
  • Cover the seeds with potting soil or fine earth, then plough them in heavily;
  • Finally, water the cultivation area well with rain.

In addition to the technique of sowing in rows, you can also opt for broadcast sowing. But in this case, the maintenance will be more difficult since it will be necessary to remove one by one the weeds which are likely to choke your young shoots.

How to sow lambs lettuce in th

After sowing the lamb's lettuce seeds, you must make sure to keep the soil cool and shaded. Use beds with straw, fern leaves or a burlap sack, at least until emergence (about a week). You won't feel the need to water the plants either, as the autumn and winter rains are more than enough for them to grow well. If you wish to accelerate their growth, you can "force" this culture by placing a winter veil.