Growing a fruit tree in your garden such as a pear tree requires knowledge about the shrub itself but also about the diseases and pests that affect this tree. We take a look at all that is involved in growing and maintaining a pear tree.

How to plant a pear tree in your garden?

You should know that planting your pear tree requires know-how and this operation should not be neglected! It is the way in which you plant your fruit tree that will condition its growth. It is important to remember that the rooting of your pear tree will favour or not the growth of the tree. Generally, a pear tree is planted in October. It is essential that it takes root before the winter period. You can also plant it in the spring or during the summer, provided you water it more frequently. The soil where you are going to plant your pear tree must be well drained. The pear tree is a fruit tree that needs sunlight in order to bear fruit in optimal conditions. And since you practice permaculture or that you intend to start it, it is not without recall that you should not use chemical products to get rid of the pests such as the aphids and the diseases typical with this tree like the scab. On our site specialized in permaculture, you can find all our advice on the garden and the respect of biodiversity!

How to grow and maintain a pea

How to maintain its pear tree?

Your pear tree will require specific maintenance! And the maintenance of your shrub also passes by the success of its size. Pruning a fruit tree is essential for its good fruiting. A pear tree must be pruned every year. By following this advice, you will be able to collect beautiful pears and have a better harvest. If you practice permaculture, avoid as much as possible the Bordeaux mixture which is to be proscribed because of toxicity with the grounds and the environment. There are many other solutions before using this powerful fungicide. Nettle or garlic are natural alternatives that can be used as a preventive treatment.

How to grow and maintain a pea

How to deal with pear pests and diseases in permaculture?

As any gardener knows, the vegetable garden is the place where many pests gather. Pear trees, like many other fruit bushes, have persistent enemies that mainly attack the leaves and fruit of your trees. But those who grow a permaculture garden do not use toxic products which are a real scourge for the environment and can also be dangerous for humans and pets. To preserve you from these chemical products, only one means: the home recipes which do not represent any danger within your garden! For example, you can find black knowledge which is very effective against aphids but also flea beetles. On our site you will also find other unstoppable tips for eliminating vegetable garden bugs. As for pear diseases, which are mostly caused by fungi, nettle manure is ideal!

How to grow and maintain a pea