Growing a cherry pit in your garden is possible. It can be done easily with your cherry pit if you follow the right steps and get the right equipment. We provide all the advice on how to plant your cherry pit in a permaculture garden.

What is the permaculture in vegetable garden?

If you want to plant your cherry pit in a permaculture garden, you will have to be careful about what you do next. The concept of permaculture in garden consists in making grow your vegetables, your fruit trees and your aromatic plants in the respect of the biodiversity and by a method of sustainable development. If you're new to this, we suggest you read this fabulous article on permaculture to learn more about it!

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What materials do you need to grow a cherry pit in your garden?

In order to help your cherry pit grow in the garden, you will need to acquire some specific equipment. You will need the following items:

  • You should purchase a gardening pot to hold your cherry pit
  • You can use soil from your garden or you can buy a bag of universal soil;
  • Sand, which once mixed with the soil will allow the pit to root well in the ground;
  • Optional but imperative if you make several shoots of fruit trees, you must have a vegetable garden label to differentiate your cherry pit.
Can you grow a cherry pit in y

How to germinate a cherry pit?

If you want to succeed in germinating your cherry pit, it is essential to respect different steps but also the planting period. For a cherry pit, make sure you plant it at the end of winter. Your stone should not be chosen lightly. You must take a beautiful cherry from a nursery. You must then remove the flesh of your cherry just before planting it. Remember to wipe the pit well before planting it as there should be no traces of moisture or pieces of flesh left on your pit. Take your sand and mix it with your soil or potting mix. This mixture should then be poured into your chosen gardening pot. Next, bury your pit straight and upright in the soil. Once the core is buried, cover it with a little sand. Prick your label into the soil and move on to the next step.

Now that your cherry pit is comfortably planted in your pot, you now need to find a suitable place to dig a hole. This will be used to bury the pot in. A sunless corner is the ideal place to germinate a cherry pit. You can for example make your hole near a low wall or under the shade of a mature fruit tree. As soon as spring arrives, you will start to see new shoots appear. This is the time to plant your pits again, this time directly in the ground, and to wait for the first cherry harvest! In the meantime, don't hesitate to devour our other articles such as how to eliminate weeds naturally.