Permaculture vegetable garden, when to put manure in your garden ? The manure is an essential amendment but it is still necessary to take care to respect the frequency of its use and especially the ideal period to use it in your garden!

When is it necessary to put manure in your vegetable garden?

Indispensable for the maintenance of your vegetable garden, manure has essential contributions that will serve to amend the soil. Generally, manure is applied in two periods. You must proceed at the beginning of October and then start again at the end of the winter, at the beginning of March. Manure needs to be decomposed before it is used on your soil, otherwise it can burn the crops in your garden. If you have manure that is well-composted, you can use it as landfill. It will be used before sowing and will be beneficial for the future. If you need advice on how to prepare your soil for permaculture, you can go directly to the site and get advice.

When to put manure in your gar

Which manure should be used for the soil of its garden?

There is a lot of manure that you can use on your land! Chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, horse manure etc. It is important to know that each type of manure has a specific use.

  • Horse manure for clay soils
  • Sheep manure is suitable for heavy soils
  • Cattle manure for light soils
  • Gallinaceous manure for poor soils

In addition to manure, you can use other systems to optimize the crops of your permaculture garden such as mulching. If you meet all the conditions necessary for a plantation in permaculture, you will obtain delicious vegetables but will have by the same occasion succeeded in your objective by making each day a gesture for the planet. Do not hesitate to refer to the different cycles of the moon to realize your gardening!

What mistake should I not make with manure?

Be careful not to confuse manure with fertilizer. They are two very different components. They are both fertilizers and each has a specific role to play. Unlike fertilizer, manure is used as a soil conditioner for the part of your vegetables that is under the soil. Knowing which fertilizers to use in your permaculture garden is the key to your success in getting a great crop. Manure is a natural resource with many benefits that can have the opposite effect.

So if you want to improve the quality of your soil and help your vegetables, herbs or fruit to thrive, use your manure sparingly. By making good use of this ecological fertilizer, you will have crops that will do wonderfully well. You will have a better soil structure and you will boost your plants considerably.