You thought urine was toxic for your plants? Well, think again! Contrary to what you might think, it is far from being devoid of interest. Are you skeptical? Let me convince you of the benefits of your pee=)

Why is urine good for the vegetable garden?

What is the composition of urine?

Urine is a humanbiological fluid. It is produced by our kidneys and contains organic waste that the body gets rid of in order to function. Every day, an adult produces between 1.5 and 2 litres of urine. It consists of 95% water, urea and minerals.
Here is its composition (which can vary according to the diet and pathologies of an individual):

  • 5 to 6 g of nitrogen ;
  • 1 to 1.5 g of phosphorus;
  • 1.5 to 2 g of potassium.
Why use urine in the garden

What makes it particularly suitable for growing your vegetables?

It is its nitrogen content but also other properties such as phosphorus and potassium that make it suitable for fertilizing your vegetable garden. Indeed, its properties are comparable to those of dried blood or ground horn. But unlike these expensive products found in garden centres, urine is produced free of charge by each of us.

Limits to the use of urine in the vegetable garden

However, this natural fertilizer should be used with care. The sodium content of urine is very high. This particularity makes it harmful for your plants if it is used without dilution beforehand. If you are taking medication, you should know that their molecules are also found in urine. It is therefore best to avoid using this type of fertilizer if you are ill.

When should urine be used in the garden?

How to use urine in your compost?

To fertilize the soil, you can use manure or your own compost. If you prefer the second option, you should know that to obtain the necessary state of decomposition to create a compost, you must find the right balance between organic and nitrogenous matter. Since the waste we usually use for compost is only organic, it is not surprising that the magic does not always work... If the manufacturers boast of having found the solution, here is one that will not cost you a penny: pee in your compost!

How to use urine for your garden plantations?

Simply dilute 50 cl of your urine in a 10-litre watering can. Then pour your solution at the feet of your plants. For an optimal use, make use of this natural fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks. In addition to this article, I also invite you to discover this video from Potager d'Olivier which details its use of urine in the vegetable garden.

Discover our best natural fertilizer recipes

Natural fertilizer made from cooking water

As surprising as it may seem,cooking water is good for the vegetable garden. As long as you don't add salt to your pots, it provides the soil with nutrients that are essential for the proper development of your precious vegetables. This property is linked to the loss of vitamins and minerals in vegetables during cooking.

Natural fertilizer made from banana peels

The potassium contained in banana peels is a remarkable compound to promote the growth of your plantations. To make good use of it, cut them into small pieces and bury them at the foot of your plants. Roses especially appreciate this tip. Indeed, potassium can also be used to revive the colours of the flowers.

Natural fertilizer made from eggshells

Rich in calcium, eggshells are particularly suitable for fertilizing soil. For an optimal use, I advise you to let them dry for two days. Then proceed to crush the shells with a rolling pin. All you have to do is spread them at the foot of your plants, taking care to mix them well with the soil.

Nettle manure

We often know its virtues to prevent certain diseases of your plants, however the nettle manure is also an excellent natural fertilizer. I refer you to this article to discover all its properties, and how to properly apply it to your crops.

Now that you know how to make your own natural fertilizers, you no longer have any excuse to use chemicals that are toxic for the environment. Even if the use of urine seems unappetizing to you, I still advise you to use it at least once as an amendment. The results may surprise you...